How to install Anaconda/python3 with OpneCv3.2.


Tutorial to discuss steps on how to install Anaconda 5.3  and configure OpenCv3.2  in Anaconda 5.3 for python 3.6.

After completing these steps I am sure you can use anaconda/Python3  and OpenCv 3.2.


In office I was assigned a simple work in image processing which required extra modules of OpenCv in Python. It was simple task but I struggled a lot to configure python with opencv modules 😦 . After wasting my weekends  I completed the task on time and came to know how easy it was 🙂 .

For Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (almost similar steps for  Window 7).

1]. Download the Anaconda according to your system configuration from below link.

Download Anaconda

Run the below command for linux 64 bit system to download anaconda

     curl -O


2]. In ubuntu run the below command where you downloaded the anaconda installer file


Follow the anaconda installer press d and accept the license agreement


3]. Open the bashrc file  and add the below line at the end of file and save it.

             export PATH=”Path to your anaconda directory”/bin:$PATH

              for me it is:        export PATH=/home/lord/anaconda3/bin:$PATH



4].  source ~/.bashrc  or close and reopen terminal again


Update conda and anaconda



5]. Run the below command to install opnecv3.2 in anaconda

              conda install -c menpo opencv3


6]. Open the spyder app in terminal and import cv2 to verify.  ( spyder app is good default IDE for python in conda environment )


Anaconda with opencv is installed 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Now data analysis & Machine learning can be performed in python.

Open spyder app and try import cv2. If no error we are done with opencv 😀

Below is all commands together

That’s it 🙂 🙂 😀 😀   Open spyder and have fun . . . . .



Happy Learning Cheers


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